I Have Forgotten What You Look Like

I have forgotten what you look like, But if I close my eyes long enough, I can still feel your palm heat resting on my forehead And your soft kisses on my temple I can feel your breathing against my chestAs I hear our laughs playing like a record I have forgotten what you lookContinue reading “I Have Forgotten What You Look Like”

To this little but mighty girl:

You have inspired me this year to attempt to wear my hair curly. We haven’t quite figured it out, but it has improved since we started working on it. Weirdly enough, even though I neglected the natural waves/curls for most of my life, I feel more like myself when I let my hair do itsContinue reading “To this little but mighty girl:”

Bon Voyage!

My romantic heart sees beautiful couples, and I think back to when I was “deeply in love,” more like blindly in love. Even though it was not sustainable or ideal, it was beautiful; it was. Love like that at a time in your life where kisses and letters defined the relationship was beautiful. You loveContinue reading “Bon Voyage!”

Is Happiness a Choice?

I have tried hard to define what makes me happy. I have this recurring feeling that what I am chasing at the time is going to make me happy. As if once I reach that next target, I will finally become satisfied. That does not mean I’ve never experienced spontaneous moments of happiness. Still, it’sContinue reading “Is Happiness a Choice?”

Journaling as a Tool to a Mindful Life

Before I obsessively try to convince you to start journaling every day, let’s talk about what journaling even means. I used to hear all about journaling, and it always made me feel extremely overwhelmed. What are you supposed to write? Is it like one of those “Dear Diary” situations? I have notebooks dating back toContinue reading “Journaling as a Tool to a Mindful Life”

How Therapy Changed Me.

“The first step to healing is awareness.” Nicole LePera This month marks one year of going to therapy consistently, completely changing my life. My purpose behind sharing my experience is to highlight how therapy has been helpful for me. This is coming from someone who felt extremely scared to start and even had somewhat impostorContinue reading “How Therapy Changed Me.”