I Have Forgotten What You Look Like

I have forgotten what you look like, But if I close my eyes long enough, I can still feel your palm heat resting on my forehead And your soft kisses on my temple I can feel your breathing against my chestAs I hear our laughs playing like a record I have forgotten what you lookContinue reading “I Have Forgotten What You Look Like”

Bon Voyage!

My romantic heart sees beautiful couples, and I think back to when I was “deeply in love,” more like blindly in love. Even though it was not sustainable or ideal, it was beautiful; it was. Love like that at a time in your life where kisses and letters defined the relationship was beautiful. You loveContinue reading “Bon Voyage!”

Journaling as a Tool to a Mindful Life

Before I obsessively try to convince you to start journaling every day, let’s talk about what journaling even means. I used to hear all about journaling, and it always made me feel extremely overwhelmed. What are you supposed to write? Is it like one of those “Dear Diary” situations? I have notebooks dating back toContinue reading “Journaling as a Tool to a Mindful Life”